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NR40 A new rubber lining product

Eurogomma is happy to offer our clientele a new rubber lining product.

NR40 is designed to protect several surfaces in metal, concrete, plastic, etc. thanks to the addition of a 1mm Neoprene bonding layer under the natural rubber protective sheet so to guarantee easy and durable application in combination with the most of adhesives available on the global market.

NR40 is typically used to protect hydrocyclones, screener boxes, bunkers, silos, discharge chutes, etc.

Please download product leaflet at http://www.eurogomma.com/documents/NR40%20lining%20rubber%20sheeting.pdf

A new rubber lining product


GET flexy Whelk shell screening

As a Manufacturer targeting the mining and aggregate fields it was quite a curious case for Eurogomma to be called into a project to classify live whelk shells.

The reasons basically stay in the high ductility of the GET flexy system being applicable to an almost limitless number of screening applications.

When we offered the client an empirical screening trial with GET flexy he could not refuse the opportunity and that demonstrated once again how effective GET flexy is in every occasion.

That was made possible through the technical cooperation with the Screener fabricator VIBRAPLANT (www.vibraplant.co.uk) making the trial Screener available for the test.


GOLD MINING Creativeness = new products

If a section of our website is dedicated to creativeness there must be a reason (http://www.eurogomma.com/?pg=creativeness&l=us)

That’s what our clients want from us and what they expect.


Gold mining is frequently facing a number of problems in mineral classification because highest efficiency rate is demanded – especially nowadays with low gold price – without reducing the life of the screening media.

One of our reputed clients involved in gold mining in West Africa was so afflicted by the efficiency in their SAG trommel so deciding to use steel wire screens instead of durable products like rubber or polyurethane. 

In this scenario Eurogomma has created a polyurethane screen panel  incorporating our PURFil screen mesh so to give the same design of the woven wire screens previously used but made of durable polyurethane material.


We are aimed to create your solutions.

Creativeness = new products


Summer is here!

Summer is just a few days away and Eurogomma is happy to offer our clients a free gift to enjoy your holidays with the right protection during dog days and summer storms.

If you are one of our clients and you would like to receive this beautiful free gift download the form from, http://www.eurogomma.com/documents/Free%20gift%20form.xlsx fill it with your information and send it to marketing@eurogomma.com


The free gift is visible at the youtube link https://youtu.be/wMlHILduo10


Perhaps you would take the chance to visit the homeland of Eurogomma.

Italy offers marvelous sightseeing, unique arts and culture, millennial history, excellent cuisine and white beaches*

Enjoy your summer!


*The beach in the picture is Budelli in Sardinia

Summer is here!


Cuba Libre!

For the most of the World this is just a famous drink but Cuba libre! is a motto being deep under the skin of the Caribbean island.

A new mine for the production of lead and zinc is now operative in Cuba and this represent a great opportunity for the economical development of the area and of the inhabitants creating the base for a solid personal independence.

Eurogomma is proud to be the Supplier of all the wear parts for the flotation circuit of the mine being essential part of the mineral production process.

We are happy to be part of this project and of the human involvement it is leading to.

Cuba Libre!


A new factory in Russia!

The opening of a new factory in Russia is for Eurogomma reason of great satisfaction. This factory will create the path for the development of our company in the World biggest country.

In a moment of global economical constriction it is our pride to see the expansion of our projects.

The attentive and dynamic Management of our CEO Anya Samoilova together with the historical values of Quality, Creativeness and Novelty of the brand Eurogomma have taken us to another success.

Our gratitude goes to all our collaborators who have made this possible.

A new factory in Russia!


GET flexy is now online at www.get-flexy.com

GET flexy is undoubtedly the most innovative screening product of Eurogomma.

For this reason we have decided to launch a dedicated website in order to give our clientele all the necessary information and data.

Please link to www.get-flexy.com to learn about one of the newest technology in mineral classification

GET flexy is now online at www.get-flexy.com


Boomerang and peanut shaped apertures win the challenge also in Austria!

Eurogomma was informed by its Austrian distributor, THI AS(www.thi-austria.at), to have won the challenge with competitors in flip-flop screening.

The Enduser, the company Lasselsberger (www.lasselsberger.com) has been trying to solve blinding problem with this technology for long time without any success... till they met Werupa and Eurogomma.

Eurogomma's screen panels with boomerang shaped apertures have now been running for more than 1 year with no blinding effect at all!

All competitors' screen panels were blanking after few hours of operation.

In addition Eurogomma's screen panels are showing no wearing effect despite the screen deck is fed with 0 > 32mm gravel and 0 > 4mm Quartzsand.

We are proud to win every challenge

Boomerang and peanut shaped apertures win the challenge also in Austria!