Eurogomma - Polyurethane


As many industries operating in Wear Protection Technology EUROGOMMA started its history producing Rubber.
In fact the excellent resilience and the handling ease of this elastomer attracted the market creating several opportunities for new dynamic companies.
However the fair abrasion resistance of Rubber encouraged our team to search for new wear resistant materials owning better performances in abrasion resistance without becoming heavy and hardly handled.

Therefor at the beginning of the 80s EUROGOMMA started its collaboration with BASF chemicals in order to manufacture Polyurethane parts and nowadays our market is 99% using our Polyurethane.
We typically make our products through the system Elasturan 6020. It is a 2-component polyurethane casting elastomer, based on polyester-polyol, for machine processing
The 1st component is a mixture of polyols and activators, the 2nd consists of prepolymers based on MDI and containing isocyanate groups.
Unfortunately even Polyurethane has got its Achille's heel. This elastomer is not resilient and then it is not very impact resistant.
In this way EUROGOMMA revolutionized the Wear protection sector through the invention of an extraordinary kind of Polyurethane joining the excellent abrasion resistance of Polyurethane to the elasticity of the most flexible Rubber.
The amazing technological characteristics of the 6020/SE elastomer, friendly named 'SUPERELASTIC', make it suitable to any applications subjected to relevant abrasion, cutting, tearing and high drop impacts.

Besides our Polyurethane boasts the following qualities:

  • Cut - and - tear resistance, far superior to Rubber, Steel and traditional Polyurethane
  • Low friction coefficient, when compared to Rubber; extremely slick when wet
  • High load resistance, far superior to Rubber, metals and other plastics in its ability to absorb energy, sounds and vibrations
  • Chemical resistance, excellent with oils, acids, bases, hydrocarbons...
  • Hydrolytic stability, formulated to resist water absorption without losing its performance
  • Noise abatement, excellent to suppress sound
  • Non - toxicity, carelessly handled. Waste Disposal in normal land fill or incinerators

Polyurethane Elastoran BASF MDI elastic abrasion corrosion tensile strength