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Research & development

Researches in EUROGOMMA have always been holding a leading role since its foundation. The fundamental stages of our life and development have been deeply marked by our Researching:
  • The adoption of Polyurethane in place of Rubber
  • The choice of BASF AG as our exclusive supplier of the necessary Polyurethane compounds
  • The invention of our "SUPERELASTIC" Polyurethane
  • The constant enlargement of our product range
  • The adoption of more and more sophisticated and Hi-tech Equipment
  • The invention and patenting of new and innovative systems like our GET flexy (

Despite our convincement to have achieved the highest quality level for the present times Research & Development is still playing a major role in our organization
We are always involved in testing new raw materials and in increasing the number of the applications where the usage of our Polyurethane can bring relevant advantages to Wear Protection, sliding promotion and noise abatement.

New technological machinery are constantly enriching our machine park and our Engineers are motivated to look for new opportunities to make their work better, faster and customized on the needs of our Clientele.

Finally EUROGOMMA is always happy to make new researches and studies on behalf of customers whenever new solutions are required.
Our customers are the engine of our progress and the confirmation of our Success.
Thank you for your choice.

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