Superior wear resistance of our materials is not enough to achieve the unconditioned satisfaction of our Clientele.
Every single item must be designed, created and manufactured in order to work at its best anyway giving incomparable durability.

Following this policy EUROGOMMA is very proud to offer a significant number of computer-controlled machineries assuring the exact and quick execution of moulds and final products.
Our unique Polyurethane casting system was secretly designed and now jealously kept in our premises to guarantee the highest Quality level that we have been boasting in the past years.

Machines must be anyway supported by a strong and efficient human work aimed to control and refine all possible product trimmings.

Our Manufacturing team owns a long years experience in the Elastomer field further than being so brilliant to transform the directives coming from top into a well done work.

Our rapid and schematic information network is definitely a protagonist in the perfect transmission of ideas and orders among all our departments creating a global synergy.

Thanks to the right comprehension among all parties involved in the Manufacturing process the final products always prove to be as desired by our customers and as designed by our Engineers.

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